Why Publish Prices?
February 20, 2018 at 12:00 AM
by Law Offices of Lara Wagner LLC

This week we updated our website; it now includes a guide to our services and the price ranges associated with those services. 

Our hope is that making these price ranges available to the public will make our legal services more accessible. Today, too many individuals are going without the legal services they need because they cannot afford these services, or think they cannot afford them. 

By publishing our prices, we hope to create a measure of predictability. Even before a potential client contacts our office, they can have a sense of what their case might cost, and whether or not legal services are something they can afford, save up for, or work into their budget. 

Everyone deserves to have an attorney help them through the legal process. We hope that this gets us one step closer. 

Check out the services and price range list.